Animal Crackers

Little details in your writing can make a major difference. When you’re not completely sure of the name of a particular thing, I highly recommend looking it up (especially on Google, because Google basically knows everything!). For example, years ago I wrote a story in which one of my characters carried a sword. I couldn’tContinue reading “Animal Crackers”

Order and Disorder

Some writers are very rigid. They need to structure their stories into a very organized manner. They create chapter outlines, create timelines and detailed descriptions of their characters. My outlines are pretty short, I only create timelines when absolutely necessary and my character descriptions are limited to ‘Lena Scott, age 29, teacher, drives a blackContinue reading “Order and Disorder”

Hope Your NaNoWriMo Is Going Well!

Hello everyone! I hope your NaNoWriMo projects are doing well. Hopefully you’re reaching your writing goals. If you’re not, keep trying! If you feel like you’ve hit a creative block, you can always find some inspiration on the homepage of this site, in the Daily Writing Prompts. But please keep writing! 🙂


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